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DOOR Mobile App

Scheduled to release in Q4, the DOOR App will reward you for viewing, clicking and engaging with businesses that offer products and services you need. Fully integrated with Google Places and Google Search, DOOR will enable you to find what you are looking for instantly (and pay you at the same time).

  • Rewards you with DOOR Coin

  • Easily find Products and Services you need.

  • Access to all businesses in your area.

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How it Works

Consumers register on and opt-in to products and services they currently need. For example, do you need a real estate agent? plumber? insurance?. Once you notify the app, advertisers will pay you directly to be able to talk to you and offer their service. It's that simple. You are paid to do what you already do on the Internet for free.

DOOR Coin Ad Network powered by Blockchain

We’ve built a platform for Consumers to earn tokens for engaging with ads and advertisers.

Consumers purchase billions of dollars in services and products every year. The goal of DOOR is to reward consumers for every view, click and action they take via our app.

  • Consumers earn tokens every time they view, click and take action in the app.

  • Advertisers get access to real actionable data directly from the Consumers who has a relevant need.

  • Door Coin provides quality service for both consumers and advertisers.

The Value of Door

The current control of advertising is monopolized by multi-billion dollar corporates that sell consumer data to the highest bidder. Door rewards consumers directly for the use of their data.

DOOR Token rewards

The data that is registered on the network comes directly from the Consumers and is verified.

DOOR Token referral network

The Consumers receives rewards as Door Coin every time their data is accessed and used by an advertiser.

DOOR Token staking
Easy to Access

The optin data is easy for advertisers to access and license. All uses of data is tracked and transparent to the Consumers.

DOOR Token advertising network

Anytime an advertiser buys ads or data, the Consumers can view the usage and their rewards.

DOOR Token ad network
Fair Pricing

The pricing of the ads to the advertiser is based on market demand and is set by Door Coin value.

DOOR Token cryptocurrency
Generate Income

Consumers can generate new income through the licensing of their data and clicking on ads.