The Value of Door

The DOOR Ad Network provides consumers the ability to opt-in to receive information about a service or product. On the other side, businesses can license the consumers data using DOOR Coin. The consumer is paid for their data. It's a win-win.


The property data that is registered on the network comes directly from the Consumers or authorized agent.


The Consumers receives rewards as Door Coin every time their data is accessed and used by an advertiser.

Easy to Access

The property data is easy for advertisers to access and license. All uses of data is tracked and transparent to the Consumers.


Anytime an advertiser accesses property data, the Consumers can view the usage and their rewards.

Fair Pricing

The pricing of the property data to the advertiser is based on market demand and is set by Door Coin value.

Several Profit
Property Income

Consumers can generate new passive income through the licensing of their data.